Calling all recent grads and aspiring Marketing & PR pros!

FINN Partners is a top global marketing agency with a heart and a conscience. We’re smart, passionate people, on a mission to make a difference—and we’re looking for more firepower to join our team.

EXCELERATOR is a specialized program that combines your passion with practical training to kickstart your career in marketing communications. In just 4 months, we’ll train you—and pay you—to learn all the basic skills you need to land a full-time job at FINN.

This is your moment. You’ve put in the work and now is your chance to hit the ground running. If you’re a rising star with a passion for communications, apply to Excelerator and ignite your impact.


Recent college grads who are ready to launch their career in PR & marketing.


4-month, paid training program with benefits covering all the basic skills you need—from news writing and social media to client relationships—plus on-the-job training and mentorship to achieve a full-time agency position.


FINN Partners, one of the fastest growing global, independent agencies and #1 Best Place to Work by PRovoke.



EXCELERATOR is your fast track to impact. Together with 1,400+ colleagues around the globe, share your ideas, expand your mind, empower your career, and make a positive difference in the world.

What past FINN Excelerators have to say

“This program allowed me to test, try, fail, and re-learn valuable skills through incredible mentors. The two teams I had the chance to work with let me put my college skills to the test. I was able to truly see what unique skills I bring to the table and what I can improve on.” – Meghan Freeze

“My experience in the Excelerator program was everything I could’ve hoped to make me feel prepared and confident as an aspiring professional. What I enjoyed the most about the program was the industry insight the senior staff gave during our training, the experience I gained from working in different sectors of the agency, and the unlimited support I received from the entire FINN team throughout the program.” – Alexis Tinsley

“Between webinars, live video training with colleagues, day-to-day assignments and client meetings, FINN knows how to ensure Excelerators experience the full scope of its services. They teach you the basics and encourage you to ask questions, make connections and not be afraid to fail. Every colleague I’ve met at FINN has been supportive, helpful and proven to be an exemplary mentor.” – Emily Oakes
“I’ve always wanted to experience working for a large agency, and I followed FINN throughout my college career. Once I graduated, I was searching for entry-level jobs and that’s when I stumbled across the Excelerator program. After reading the description of what the program entailed, I knew it was a perfect gateway into the PR world.” – Dominique Rios

Work hard. Play nice. Effect change.

Excelerate your career at FINN Partners!