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March 22, 2024

Little did we know that our lives would go through a paradigm shift in 2020. Two years back, a deadly virus spread across the globe, upending our lives, and redefining every aspect of our existence – how we eat, sleep, work and interact. As several countries declared lockdowns, the entire world came to a standstill. Many companies rose to the
occasion and took suitable measures to safeguard their employees and shifted to a remote mode of working. With the arrival of new technology and communication systems, millennials as well as Gen Zs easily adapted to the sudden
technological revolution. However, employees who were familiar with conventional ways of working needed time to grasp the change. Each generation has a distinct way of behaving, communicating, and working along with
their own set of expectations and perspectives. With the shift in work mode, there was some amount of disruption in the cohesive working style among different aged employees. Generational differences across teams and
offices, if managed properly, can become a tool for the growth of an organization. With the growing popularity of the hybrid model ofworking, diverse aged groups have flawlessly

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