Research & Insights

Helping you make informed decisions through Strategic Research & Insights

At SPAG FINN Partners, we decode the language of your audience to unlock powerful insights. Our Global Intelligence team blends cutting-edge technology with deep expertise to understand what people think, want, and face. Integrated across all practice groups, we offer a spectrum of research and insights services, from data analytics to competitor analysis, empowering brands to build trust, foster relationships, and drive meaningful action. Our research and insights capabilities include: 

Data and analytics 

Quantitative and qualitative research 

Primary and secondary research 

Focus groups 

Audience data and research: insights and persona creation 

Audience demographics research and segmentation 

Empathy mapping 

Sentiment and share-of-voice analyses 

Competitor analysis 

Social listening 

Omnibus surveys: report data-gathering and creation 

Channel strategy 

Messaging insights 

Data-driven storytelling angles 

Trend identification and analysis 

Brand health and reputation analysis: Brand Values mapping 

Campaign and content performance measurement and analysis 

Influencer research and engagement strategy