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March 22, 2024


The DIGITAL HEALTH ECOSYSTEM – ASIA PACIFIC, 2022 Year-end report dispels the hype surrounding the digital health sector and is extracted from over 250 million data points and 12,500+ digital health ventures across the globe to chart the complex and fragmented digital health landscape, uncover emerging market trends, areas of growth and innovation, and market expectations beyond equity funding.

The report unveils deeper insights into:

  • Digital health performance in 2022 YTD
  • New partnerships, clinical strengths, regional disparities, and more
  • Comprehensive analyses of key digital health clusters
  • Venture funding in key therapeutic areas
  • What’s next in digital health in 2023

Key highlights from the Year-end report-

118 Regulatory Filings – Digital Health has its feet back on the ground after the extraordinary 2-year pandemic period funding spree.

$5.79B Venture Funding – Asia Pacific followed the global trend of steadily declining venture capital funding across the first 3 quarters of 2022 and a strong rebound in Q4.

M&A activity has lost momentum, with a dip of 33% YOY in Asia Pacific. However, industry consolidation is becoming stronger, with Digital Health ventures accountable for 60% of global acquisition activity.

The total venture funding deceleration in Asia Pacific was strongly driven by China’s investment falling by 66% YOY to its lowest funding since 2017, impacted by some of the strictest pandemic regulations in the world, despite Northeast Asia doubling its funding to $1.9B, surpassing China and South Asia which dropped by 30% as compared to 2021.

Digital Health ventures in Asia Pacific will find the path forward to be more challenging in 2023, with declining venture valuations, but ventures have already shown resilience in 2022, and this new landscape will strengthen the pipeline of ventures, driving innovation and business model viability further to show the value of Digital Health tools for improving healthcare research and delivery.

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