10 Things Making SPAG #Worldcom Strong

Find out reasons why being a member of Worldcom Public Relations Group has helped SPAG evolve and form a relationship with peers around the world..
It was six years ago that SPAG started its journey and ever since we have been at the forefront of changing the game building India’s first communication consultancy that not only has global ambitions but also translates those into reality. We believe that communication challenges are global and with this thought in mind, when we started SPAG, the idea was to tell stories that compel change, create impactful campaigns, strengthen brands.

We have evolved that thought by looking at missing links, ripples and implications in a highly inter-connected region and work towards establishing a strong narrative that local audiences across the globe understand. Today, our network is primed to work around the world to address the needs of our clients. Being part of the Worldcom Public Relations Group has played a huge role in this. While this association entails the formation of a global network, for us this has meant a lot more. Some of the key areas this has helped us in are:

  1. Networking with the industry experts: Being a part of the Worldcom PR Group brings with it a collaboration of global companies and while this plays a key role in expanding our professional perspectives, it also has helped us build a community. This further goes on to help us understand local demands of our clients the world over and deliver better results.
  2. Support & solidarity during crisis: The coronavirus pandemic has taught us the importance of coming together and the key role this plays in overcoming a crisis. These are uncertain times led by extreme anxiety. Being a part of the Worldcom PR Group during this critical phase of our lives has reinforced the notion that solidarity above all is the driving force to delivering impact and sustainable productivity. It not only helps create a fellowship of sorts but also benefits all stakeholders in upholding the spirit through troubled times.
  3. Confidence building: Sharing concerns and envisioning the way forward together has been a great confidence booster for all the WorldCom Worldcom members. The perspective and the thought process that all the industry experts share has surely added more value to the PR & Communications community.
  4. Advice and exchange of ideas: Whether challenging times or even sharing expert views, WorldCom has been a great platform to exchange great thoughts and ideas amongst members.
  5. Resources (data, surveys, reports): With so many thought leaders and agencies on board certainly brings in various kinds of data whether sector specialised or service specialised. Moreover, the Worldcom PR Group works actively towards ensuring that the data it collates is accurate and current. It surely forms a strong basis for any innovative and creative campaign.
  6. Partnership on projects: For all partner firms there has always been an excellent opportunity to collaborate with each other in different regions.
  7. Worldcom Confidence Index: The WorldCom Confidence Index captures what CEOs and CMOs are most confident and concerned about and helps provide a broader perspective to us in terms of our dealings with clients and in business.
  8. Cross cultural environment: Working with professionals from across cultures and sharing perspectives and views carve out more ways for the industry to grow. It helps one think out of the box and expand our horizons.
  9. Annual meets: Worldcom annual meets have been something that we look forward where we meet our co-partners. These meetings and gatherings bring to life the core value of this partnership.
  10. Peer Reviewed: One of the key elements that WorldcCom brings to every member agency and its leadership is peer review, wherein leadership from other member companies review your operations, future business plans, process orientation against global benchmarks, helping you build a ‘best in class’ agency.