SPAG bags ‘Best Organisation for Women Empowerment’ at e4m Women Achievers Awards 2020

The PR industry is primarily a talent-driven industry where passion and attitude are seen as parameters, not gender. What lies at the heart of every successful organisation is open-mindedness, generosity, wisdom and kindness. We at SPAG encapsulate that philosophy and focus on not only that but also on implementing right policies, platforms, ecosystem and emotional support for its employees to build a healthy and balanced work environment. It is in this lasting endeavour that we find ourselves filled with gratitude to have been recognised as the best organisation for women empowerment by the exchange4media Women Achievers Awards 2020.

This award holds testimony to the work SPAG has been doing towards implementing policies which are designed inclusively with gender sensitivity. These policies are supportive of all genders, hence creating a clean and mature environment to work in.

Over the last many years, SPAG has laid emphasis on making its team feel heard. The firm organises sessions on listening and conversations which has over the years created a culture where people feel comfortable speaking up. This has created an optimistic belief system and aroused a sense of equality among employees. Subsequently, the gender ratio is consciously balanced to provide equal representation sans complexes.

The credit does though entirely go to our team that is wholesomely supportive of each other. While at an organisational level we have taken active steps to instill a sense of self-confidence within its employees which has helped camaraderie grow internally irrespective of gender. Everyone realises today that working together as a team is the key to success and women feel empowered and perform better working in such an inclusive environment.

As we accept this recognition today, SPAG aims to strive towards only enriching our work environment inclusively with an emphasis on empathy, compassion and being real while striving to create a better world.