Barry Reicherter

Global Head of Research, Planning & Measurement

Professional Experience

I’ve worked in higher education, software companies, advertising, public relations, and most recently, research. I’ve gotten to apply those disciplines to some great clients including HP, The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Pfizer, Pearson, Dixie, and scores of B2C, B2B, government and non-profit organizations. My main focus now is developing insights based on strong research and analysis that fuels and measures our client programs.

It's better to be a pirate than join the navy.

- Steve Jobs

How'd you get here

I didn’t have a goal of working in agencies when I started my career but I can definitively say now it’s where I belong. I’ve had just about every job in marketing that exists or had existed at one point. From sales to customer support, to advertising and direct marketing before spending the bulk of my career in digital. Working at agencies, and FINN in particular, has fed the thing I crave most – opportunity for innovation and big-picture thinking.