Catherine Feliciano Chon

Managing Partner

Professional Experience

While in the United States, I held senior management roles in brand strategy, product development, and global communications for luxury brands like Giorgio Perfume, Fred Hayman Beverly Hills, and Sebastian, a brand currently owned by Proctor & Gamble. These were considered iconic and revolutionary brands at the time and it gave me invaluable experience in synergizing various aspects of marketing communications. At CatchOn, approaching a PR exercise with a brand hat on has given our practice an advantage over the competition. From brand development, market research, all the way to managing PR campaigns, CatchOn has built an impressive body of work with clients in hospitality, tourism, wellness, design and F & B.

No capes!

- Edna Mode

How'd you get here

I have over 30 years’ experience, with the first half of it on the client side in Los Angeles. It was a move to Hong Kong in 1997 as a ‘trailing wife’ that inspired me to start my own practice. I realized that my combination of skills, experience and East/West background gave me an edge at a time when Asia was rising as an economic powerhouse. So I founded CatchOn in 2001 as a hybrid brand communications and PR consultancy.