Dena Merriam

Co-Founding Partner

Professional Experience

Over the past many years, I have participated in and led workshops during United Nations conferences, including the UN’s annual Climate Conference. I have learned how different sectors of civil society can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Civil society plays a critical role in addressing climate and environmental challenges. We have helped organizations interface with the United Nations and assume leadership on issues relating to climate change – including renewable energy, regenerative agriculture. It is my passion.

FINN Partners is founded on the belief that business can lead change and bring benefit to all sectors of society.

How'd you get here

I began working with my father David Finn in 1983, writing for the company’s research division. Soon after, I moved into the publishing division where I was in charge of editorial for a number of the magazines and books that the company published. In the 1990s, when we began working with the United Nations on numerous projects, I helped to lead those efforts and got involved in environmental/ climate/sustainability issues, which remain my central focus.