Howard Solomon

Founding Managing Partner, West Coast

Professional Experience

My experience in PR is all on the agency side. I was definitely built for agency life; I like the concept of jumping from client to client (or office to office, as the case may be). I am the rare bird that can definitely straddle the worlds of both consumer marketing, corporate and technology though if pressed, I’d probably admit that technology is my passion, especially cool gadgets!

We set lofty, ambitious goals and tackle them one element at time.

How'd you get here

I joined Finn Partners many moons ago, via one of Peter Finn’s very first acquisitions. I was with a small but very fast growing tech agency – in a period right before tech agencies were in vogue. I started my career in the New York office. Shortly after joining the agency, I moved to Chicago for what was supposed to be two year stint, but nine years later and two kids I was almost a Chicagoan, until I got the call to come out West. I do not intend to ever leave San Francisco, short of us opening a Hawaii office.