Matt Bostrom

Managing Partner, Integrated Marketing

Professional Experience

There isn’t an industry I haven’t touched. From governments to consumer brands to original equipment manufacturers in the B2B space, I know how to apply problem-solving and creative thinking to solve the toughest challenges. I’ve helped big brands such as MasterCard, Coca-Cola, eBay, TiVo, Budweiser, and Subway. I’ve worked with up-and-comers like Turkish Airlines, Rioja wines, Peet’s, BevMo! and Fitness First. I’ve worked with B2B companies like Honeywell, Centrify and IOVOX. I’ve advised Ambassadors and Prime Ministers on how to use digital and social communications more effectively. I feel this breadth has given me the ability to encounter any situation, simplify it, and address it. And it has worked – teams I have led have won over 200 awards for creative marketing campaigns.

Always do Right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.

- Mark Twain

How'd you get here

I was working in management consulting when I first started to see the power of creative emails to reach people. Creative emails, it almost seems funny to type, but I was hooked. From going on video declaring that a tweet could change the world to creating online communities to help artists share ideas with each other, my career has been built on using digital to change the way people connect with each other and with brands. I’ve often said that having a career working on creative digital campaigns can feel like stealing money. At Finn, I’m lucky to be able to combine the strategy skills I learned in consulting with the creativity I’ve been working on ever since.