Peter Hahn

Senior Partner, Brand Innovation and Transformation

Professional Experience

I’ve built award-winning brands and campaigns for almost every kind of entity imaginable. I’ve worked with global brands like Pfizer, Nestle, and JPMorgan, top foundations like Carnegie, Kellogg, and Broad. Tech giants like EDS, Titan and AOL and obscure start-ups named after frogs and hot-peppers. I’ve marketed for B2B technology and manufacturing companies like GEA and IBA, and hospitals like the John Theurer Cancer Center and Maimonides Medical Center.

I’ve helped multiple federal and state agencies like the HHS, CPSC and Georgia Department of Ed, Associations like the IEEE, NSTA, and ACS, a handful of top lobbyists and advocacy groups, B2B and a few defense contractors who’s names I can’t reveal.

In every engagement, I look for the angle and insight that will transform the brand, and change the paradigm with the audience.

Sometimes you need to ease off in order to go faster.

- Jackie Stewart

How'd you get here

I always thought of myself as a mercenary—bouncing around boutique creative studios during  the dot-com boom. Along the way, I marketed everything from gadgets to haute cuisine, fine wine to ballistic missiles, fuel injection to software (and vaporware). A chance assignment in DC  helped me discover my focus and my heart doing work to make lives better.

I love solving complex challenges, understanding human motivations, and creating things that change minds, motivate behavior, and make a difference.