In today’s global market, industries across sectors are largely faced with unprecedented policy and regulatory issues. These changes have a domino effect on one’s business planning and risk coverage. The need of the hour is a synced approach to engage, strategize and effectively influence the influencer.

At SPAG Asia, we help our clients navigate through complex ecosystems using propriety tools like IDEA™ and MAP™ and carry out successful advocacy campaigns. With the help of these tools, we provide expertise from ground zero level to completion of the campaign.
With a deep understanding of business, politics and communications, we offer strategic solutions established on pillars of knowledge, experience and insight. We lay emphasis to provide clients with the services of strategic communication advice, media communication and suitable ways to manage current political and social issues through stakeholder mapping and engagement.
We have an in-house team of experts with strong government relations who are present where the action is happening. Our team aims to empower people and drive ideas and programmes by carrying forward the clients’ messages systematically.

What We Offer:

  • Stakeholder outreach
  • Policy advocacy
  • Government relations
  • Policy roundtables
  • Market research
  • Creating ecosystems
  • Advisory services
  • Influence Mapping
  • Crisis Management
  • Content management

We help organizations further their reach, advance global agenda, shift perception and approach current issues with a mindset to create change. Our extensive approach seeks to shape public opinion and fulfill the long-term goal of initiating government policies, actions and decisions aligned with client objectives.

Contact Information:

Aman Gupta

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