Health & Wellness

Quickening the pace and pulse of health innovation. The pace of health innovation never stops. From new pharmaceutical, med-tech, health-tech, nutrition and wellness advances to how hospital services are accessed, a dramatic and long-anticipated shift in healthcare is happening — and new opportunities are arising. SPAG/FINN works across the health ecosystem to catalyze interest and action to help our clients achieve their business goals.

Named “Health Communication Agency of the Year” by e4m, SPAG FINN Partners delivers a full suite of health-integrated marketing agency services. Our passionate teams are committed to being fierce champions of health innovation. Whether it's introducing groundbreaking medical advancements or enabling our clients to provide life-enhancing care, we bring sector expertise and a deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem to the table.

With our proven track record and dedication to excellence, we are your trusted partner in navigating the transformative shifts in the healthcare industry including, Pharma & Lifesciences, Med-tech, Health-tech, Wellness, Food and Nutrition.

Driven by the mission to improve lives and humanize health communications, SPAG/FINN creates strong and purpose-driven health campaigns that deliver well-defined and tangible outcomes in all facets of the health sector, including patient advocacy, payer, policy, provider, and product innovation.

SPAG/FINN delivers excellent support across a range of areas that include:
  • Advocacy
  • Media Relations
  • Media Training
  • Hospital/Provider Communications
  • Issues management/Crisis Management
  • Key opinion leader engagement
  • Product communications
  • Scientific communications and scientific writing
  • Thought leadership
  • Health tech IT
  • Digital Health
  • Employee Engagement


Healthcare Brand Strategy & Development

Our specialization lies in the realm of healthcare brand strategy and development, where we place great emphasis on the significance of crafting a captivating message, evident advantages, and an enthralling persona. These elements serve as the cornerstones for elevating awareness and securing a competitive edge for your health sector business. Leveraging our profound expertise in patient engagement, healthcare professional (HCP) marketing, and our collaborative endeavors with pharmaceuticals, medical devices, digital health, and health IT companies, we provide meticulous research-infused solutions that drive success and enable you to accomplish your goals. ​

Healthcare Corporate Communications

Maintaining a consistent, compelling, and brand-aligned voice and tone is crucial in healthcare communications. Being pioneers in healthcare communications, we specialize in building strategies that strike the right chord. Our distinctive approach enables clients to effectively navigate the intricacies of healthcare, including addressing ongoing changes and engaging with physicians, patients, and the wider healthcare community. With our expertise, we help you communicate complex healthcare concepts and ensure effective engagement with your target audience.

Healthcare Digital Marketing

In the digital world, we provide integrated communications services that position our clients at the forefront of healthcare digital marketing. Our approach encompasses the essence of our work, ensuring that we deliver customized digital marketing strategies tailored to address all your requirements. From engaging video content to impactful social media campaigns, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet your digital marketing needs.

Healthcare Public Affairs

In the realm of healthcare, establishing and nurturing robust connections with legislators and stakeholders is vital for driving impactful advancements. At SPAG/FINN, we specialize in assisting you in building and nurturing these relationships, while also developing a healthcare public affairs strategy that is both concise and highly effective. By leveraging our expertise, we help you navigate the intricate landscape of public affairs in the health sector, enabling you to make significant progress and create a lasting impact.

Healthcare Public Relations

At SPAG/FINN, healthcare PR is our core specialty. We excel in designing comprehensive brand and corporate communication strategies, encompassing brand launches, corporate reputation management, strategic planning, public relations marketing, disease awareness initiatives, media relations, issue and crisis management, and key message development. Our expertise allows us to foster enduring relationships with prominent healthcare media outlets and trade associations, enabling us to cultivate new networks and grow your health brand in key markets. With our healthcare public relations services, we position your experts and company as leaders in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Research & Insights

In the ever-expanding and dynamic health and healthcare fields, staying ahead necessitates reliable research and valuable insights. With our extensive expertise and abundant resources, we are equipped to conduct comprehensive market research and provide unparalleled global insights for your healthcare brand.

Healthcare Strategic Scientific Communications

Our specialised strategic scientific communications team comprises experts (PhDs and published science writers) who are skilled in breaking down complex scientific communication into content and programs that resonate with critical stakeholders and achieve your business objective