Internal Communications & Employer Branding at SPAG

Research reveals that efficient and consistent employee engagement leads to 21% more profitability; 41% lower absenteeism; 44% more productivity*. Aon Hewitt’s annual Trends in Global Employee Engagement report estimates that every 1% increase in a company’s employee engagement translates into an almost 1% increase in sales. All this emphasizing that internal stakeholders are as important as external stakeholders.

If you are an organization that aspires to -
  • Attract Talent
  • Inspire brilliance
  • Build Champions

Welcome to EMPOWER – The House of Employee Engagement & Branding at SPAG.

We at SPAG EMPOWER believe that, continuous and constructive communication is the bedrock of any organization's success and helps you realize the infinite power that you as well as your employees hold. We collaborate to craft meaningful conversations with employees - current and future. With our scientific, behavioural research-led approach we help in building deeper engagement that translates to building best places to work.

With a deep understanding of human interactions and strategic communication, at EMPOWER we build long-term and evolving internal communications strategies with defined and measurable outcomes.

Strong Understanding of Human Interactions at Workplaces

  • -We believe in understanding the environment and ecosystem of the organization, we work with. The vision, goals and objectives of an organization laid are understood well and a scientific approach to communications is adopted. We achieve this through internal communications strategy audits, employee surveys and employee feedbacks that is further worked upon by our research and behavioral science experts.

300 Years of Cumulative Communication Expertise

  • -Our team with astute communications background comes with an understanding of multiple sectors and industries, ranging from Technology, FMCG, Financial Services to Healthcare. This communication expertise coupled with our behavioral science experts helps craft stories and communication which is truly engaging and derives a desired outcome.

We Have a Boastful Mix of Teams

  • -We strongly believe in having the experts tend to a task and therefore, we have experienced and creative bunch on individuals from all required streams to back you up. With research, behavioural science, data analytics, content, creative and digital experts at work, EMPOWER team leaves no room for a sub-optimal output. Meet our team here.

Long-term Strategic Planning

  • -Engaging with internal stakeholders requires knowledge of both environments – external and internal. Having led strategic campaigns for numerous corporate houses, our strategic counsel team resides on learnings and experiences from various types of organizations and scenarios. This gives us a great deal of edge in developing scenario based, long-term communication strategies and holistic plans with flexibility in the short-term.

We are Employee Wellbeing Champions in the Region

  • -Our engagement with multiple health and mental well-being causes in the past have helped us gain expertise into the employee wellbeing space. As genuine proponents of this cause, we have also initiated and led multiple projects and formulated associations to propagate the message.
Employee engagement is a journey that involves both the employer as well as the employee. To be able to derive the right strategy and approach, it is critical to derive a buy in from the employees at multiple levels and understand not only the business objectives but also the nature of the workforce. At EMPOWER we believe in covering the journey towards ‘empowerment’ in these stages:

Understand your employee; Help them understand you

  • -Internal communications audit
  • -Surveys, assessment and feedback forms
  • -Develop Corporate Message House
  • -Identify organizational objectives, goals and pain points
  • -Develop vision and mission workshops
  • -Leadership trainings and workshops

Plan for the long-term; lend flexibility and agility

  • -Strategic counsel to align organization goals and objectives
  • -Leadership trainings and alignments
  • -Developing long-term and flexible roadmap
  • -Existing roadmap assessment
  • -Communication and work plans

Engage to transform, motivate, inspire and manage crisis:

  • -Leadership messaging
  • -Change management communication
  • -Crisis Communication
  • -Employer & Employee Branding Campaigns and Roadmap
  • -Employee Productivity and Engagement Campaigns

Use the right communication tools and virtual modes:

  • -Corporate & Training Presentations
  • -Corporate Songs, Vision Statements, Oaths
  • -Blog Management
  • -Newsletter, Flipbooks, e-bulletins
  • -Intranet; Yammer
  • -Email, What’s App; Mobile
  • -Social Media
  • -Webinars; Virtual Events and Townhalls

Review and assess regularly:

  • -Regular Assessment Surveys and Feedback Forms
  • -Strategic realignment
  • -Agile crisis plans