Internal Communications & Employer Branding at SPAG

Communication is integral to organizations in strategic and operational dealings alike.If you are seeking a highly productive and aligned workforce that takes pride in the organization, internal communications and employee engagement is your holy grail. The pandemic has posed unique challenges and absence of physical spaces for interaction has led to disorientation. In these changing times, there is a dire need to think through and develop the right communication strategy for internal audience and align it well with external communications. We could add some data here that backs the importance of having a strong IC.

Welcome to EMPOWER – The House of Internal Communications & Employer Branding at SPAG.

We at SPAG EMPOWER believe that continuous and constructive communication is the bedrock of any organization's success and help you realize the power that your employees hold. Emphasizing on effective engagement, we ensure that every employee in the system understands the vision and goals of the organization well. With a deep understanding of human interactions and communication, at EMPOWER in the House of Internal Communications, we build long-term and robust internal communications strategy with defined and measurable outcomes.

IC Audit & Employee Understanding

  • -Internal Communications Audit
  • -Surveys, Assessment and Feedback Forms
  • -Developing Corporate Message House
  • -Identification of improvement and Communication Areas

Engagement, Transformation, Crisis Campaigns

  • -Change Management Communication and Campaigns
  • -Crisis Communication
  • -Employer & Employee Branding Campaigns and Roadmap
  • -Employee Productivity and Engagement Campaigns

Long-term Strategic Planning

  • -Aligning Organization goals and objectives
  • -Developing long-term roadmap for Internal Communications
  • -Communication Plans

Virtual Events and Communication Tools

  • -Corporate & Training Presentations
  • -Corporate Songs, Vision Statements, Oaths
  • -Blog Management
  • -Newsletter, Flipbooks, e-bulletins
  • -Intranet; Yammer
  • -Email, What’s App; Mobile
  • -Social Media
  • -Webinars; Virtual Events and Townhalls

Strong Understanding of Human Interactions at Workplaces

  • -We take a scientific approach to communications
  • -Other RTBs?

300 years of communication expertise

  • -Teams astute communications background
  • -Understanding of all sectors and industries – Technology, FMCG, Financial Services, Healthcare
  • -Hand-picked storytellers and campaign developers

Long-term Strategy

  • -Strategies based on audit, research and surveys
  • -Long-term strategic inputs with flexibility in the short-term

Impeccable Campaign Planning & Execution

  • -A power-house content writers, designers, developers and event planners
  • -Dedicated Campaign Managers and Strategic Counsel

Digital First

  • -Digital Design Thinking
  • -Virtual Events capabilities
  • -Digital solutions