We are tight-knit community led by top professionals in the field of communications.

Trust and Transparency exuberate the spirit of comradery which is the driving force for Team SPAG. It is this unique culture of SPAG that builds into 'Real' work aligned with the philosophy of 'Be Real'.​

#BeThePeople is our belief. It is all about actions that will resonate a spirit of belongingness in our people. That they belong, not just as employees, but as individuals who collectively define the culture of the organization.​

#BeThePeople is about the organization’s endeavours to transition from being an entity to humanizing itself by absorbing the characteristics of its people. To be like its people.​

This aspiration - to be like its people, to embrace each individual’s innate qualities - stems from respecting every person’s opinion, valuing the talent that comes with the person and recognizing the fact that every individual is the brand ambassador of the organization.​

Aman Gupta - Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Aman Gupta has spent over two decades working in communications across the Asia-Pacific region with crisis management, government affairs & advocacy and stakeholder engagement as key areas of expertise. He carries a cutting-edge understanding and knowledge of the pharmaceutical space that enables him to grasp the nuances of emerging technology and innovation in the Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asian healthcare markets. Aman is a keen enthusiast of emerging technology and innovations and is passionate about exploring opportunities in the communications domain, particularly in the digital and social media space. Beyond this, Aman specialises in market access, brand & therapy life cycle management, messaging workshops and media training.

Aman has also been widely recognised for his work in the PR & Communications industry. He was the first and only Asian to make it to the TED Fellow 2003 list and has subsequently been listed as one of the ‘Top 25 Innovators’ by Holmes Report, Asia-Pacific, for shaping influence and engagement in an era of dramatic marketing and communications disruption. He was also listed in the PR Week Global Powerbook (2016-17) as one of the brightest and most influential PR professionals around the world. He has been honoured with the title ‘Communicator of the Year’, for Industry Association at the Fulcrum Awards 2017.

Shivani Gupta – Chief Happiness Officer (Managing Director & Co-Founder)

Shivani Gupta holds a dynamic and multidimensional work profile across different avenues of the communications industry and her role as co-founder and managing director at SPAG encapsulates that experience to form the founding pillars of strength behind the success of the firm. Shivani’s journey in PR and founding PRinIndia to focussing on people management and brand management at SPAG helps leverage her expertise in unique ways. She has worked with some of the leading PR firms and corporates and her journey across different roles in media relations, training, marketing, community relations, crisis management and internal communications has contributed immensely towards providing strategic and business direction to SPAG.

Her inspiration lies in the belief that teamwork and a positive work community play a pivotal role in achieving targets and successful results. Building a healthy culture within is lies at the core of SPAG’s philosophy and while instilling and sustaining a people-centric and people-friendly approach at the workplace, Shivani drives this culture and the workforce. That’s one of the positive forces behind a creatively charged, multidisciplinary, yet integrated communications entity. An artist at heart, Shivani believes creativity is the ability to bring into existence something new when you have the willingness to play with ideas and possibilities. This approach of hers has been the catalyst for growth in terms of SPAG’s brand management. This has reflected largely during these challenging times amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Shivani was recently awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year by e4m Women Achievers Award 2020.

Ritika Jauhari - President- SPAG India (Strategy & New Business)

Armed with the flair to initiate impactful conversations and formulate effective engagement strategies, Ritika has a rich experience of more than a decade in the field of communications, advocacy and stakeholder management. Having worked closely with national, international and language media houses, her long-standing relationship with some of the most established media professionals allows for regular knowledge exchange and generation of unique opportunities.

Her deep-set understanding on the pulse, communication landscape and key drivers for different communication channels, pushes the needle towards better outcomes. It also opens up channels of effective learnings for her team, which consequently has tremendous impact on the collective outcome. In her current role, she is involved in providing strategic counsel for advocacy campaigns for leading clients in sectors including healthcare, corporate, intellectual property and trade. She has also been honoured with the coveted title ‘Consultancy Professional – Healthcare & Pharma’ at the Fulcrum Awards 2017.

Priyanka Bajpai - Regional Head, South East Asia

An award-winning PR professional, Priyanka has close to 17 years of experience in various health communications and pharma roles. With a knack of striking engaging conversations with different stakeholders, thanks to her excellent prowess at communications, coupled with deep understanding of different markets in the APAC region, Priyanka confidently sits on the Board for Public Relations & Communications Association (PRCA) SEA. She is a firm believer of transparent and cohesive environment and is committed to SPAG’s endeavor of bringing public health to the fore, amidst changing regional landscape, through her leadership and adaptive thinking.

As the Regional Head for SPAG Asia-pacific, Priyanka is responsible for overseeing the portfolio of brands across the region as well as development of new business opportunities and strategic partnerships. She leads a team of health PR specialists at various locations of APAC while also managing growth, strategy, and communications output for the agency. Prior to SPAG, Priyanka has worked in various senior communication specialist roles at multiple global healthcare organizations across various geographies. An ardent lover of arts and creativity and a firm proponent of mental health, Priyanka brings along solid scientific technical expertise, having started her professional journey as a research scientist in renowned research institutes. She was most recently recognized as one of the Top 20 Global Indians by Reputation Today, one of the highest accolades for communications professionals globally.
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