Policy Dialogue

In the fast-paced, ever-evolving, dynamic world we live in today, it is more essential than ever to be actively engaged with policy development and public affairs. At SPAG, we specialise in public policy advocacy with policy research, experience and skill backing us up.

​ At the core of our capabilities to engage with policymakers and stakeholders is the thought of being able to generate a consensus that leads to tangible solutions. A lot of research, thought and understanding goes behind stakeholder mapping and developing a public affairs campaign in order for it to have long-term impact.

​ Our handpicked team is trained to provide unique insights into how government, economies, companies and other stakeholder groups are inter-related and connected at multiple levels. We delve deep into decision-making patterns that impact businesses across the region.

Our strategies help shape opinions through real-time communication between relevant government stakeholders and target audiences. We help our clients engage constructively in policy-level conversations, backed by insights and solution-driven recommendations. ​

SPAG provides on the ground execution support with top-level strategic inputs through its team that is globally aligned, regionally cohesive and locally in-depth.​

We also work on delivering relevant, fact-checked and comprehensive white papers and work extensively on advocating policies that start conversations and deliver impact across issues, industries and geographies. ​

Public Policy

  • We work to deliver desired changes in the real world and engage with policymakers & stakeholders to build tangible solutions for the long-run. This helps us create a bridge for our clients to engage constructively in policy-level conversations, backed by data-driven insights. ​​

Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement​

  • An ideal communications strategy involves the presence of relevant and key stakeholders. SPAG uses its expertise for stakeholder analysis process to map stakeholders as per the client’s requirements and determine their level of stakeholder engagement in campaigning and strategising. ​

Policy Research

  • Crafting well-rounded policies requires intensive primary and secondary research. SPAG has a team of qualified professionals in the policy space that work towards filling any gaps, fact-checking and constructing policies that can create positive impact. ​


  • Advocacy effectively entails significant impact and SPAG’s comprehensive, strategic work so far in this space has resulted in visible change within communities. We engage with various stakeholders including key opinion leaders (KOLs) and companies in order to keep the communication flowing and on-going. ​​​
  • SPAG is the premier Asian strategic advisory, communications and advocacy firm.​ We offer perspectives honed at the highest levels of government and business, and insights informed by an unparalleled network of regional experts and sectoral specialists cutting across industries.​ Our team offers sound counsel, high-level relationships, and nuanced execution to deliver impact and competitive advantage to our clients.​​
  • -Stakeholder Mapping  
  • -Stakeholder Engagement & Activation
  • -Policy advocacy & Strategic Communications
  • -Policy Monitoring
  • -Economic, political & Industry Analysis
  • -Public Affairs
  • -Partnership & Alliance Development
  • -Risk Assessment & Crises Management