Influencer Driven Engagement Approach – a trademark tool to identify and engage with key stakeholders


IDEA is our strategic tool to help clients identify and implement influencer driven programmes. It maps the business environment to identify eminent stakeholders. Through the use of primary and secondary research, IDEA enables the clients to gauge the perception of relevant stakeholders to develop and maintain long-lasting partnerships.

An innovative instrument of engagement, IDEA facilitates the shift in the networking landscape that is largely community driven today.

With a result-oriented approach, we not only create and execute influencer engagement strategies, but also monitor the impact of the programme to measure the outcome.


One-stop platform providing integrated solutions to crisis situations

Given the complex nature of business and THE economic environment in today’s time, it is crucial to safeguard your reputation and build an integrated communication strategy. In order to accomplish this, S.P.A.G. launched C-Plan, a pre-emptive crisis management suite which offers companies and organizations the best way to build systems and capabilities to foresee, prevent and mitigate crises.

The product interlinks the expertise and capabilities of multiple teams including stakeholder management, policy advocacy, media relations, and digital and social media solutions along with content management. Therefore, provide strategic solutions to known and unknown risks.

The C-Plan model lends support to and guides brands with a stepwise, impactful communication module across different verticals.



India’s largest media relations network to help deliver messages across markets


The most important aspect of networking is to build enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. S.P.A.G. provides clients the connections to expand their spheres of influence. PR in India is a strong, far-reaching network of affiliates spread across 175 locations in India with extended international presence through association with Baird’s CMC and Chemia Network.

The network covers Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities in India. The wide set of connections gives clients the opportunity to obtain insight from people across the country. The extensive association keeps the clients connected with their target audience across socio-economic hierarchy.

In a world operating through networking and connections, S.P.A.G. enables its clients to secure impact driven collaborations.


Market Access Plan – a strategic approach to help analyse the business landscape

As a developing nation, India is viewed as a prospective country for investments and thus is high on the prioritized list of markets for business expansion. However, global companies and organizations trying to establish their brand in the market usually do not possess enough knowledge about the business and political environment to become fully functional. In order to fill in this gap, S.P.A.G. developed ‘MAP’, i.e., market access plan.

MAP applies the principles of assessment on the parameters of risk and benefits to gauge domestic market situation. Further, it identifies influential stakeholders including industry leaders, policy makers and media professionals, and engages with them to both measure and influence the public discourse. MAP helps clients understand the prospective ecosystem and builds the required support system.