Public Relations

We create strategic dialogues that help deliver tailor-made messages to the audiences that matter to you the most. The foundation of our public relations strategies stems from the ultimate objective of ‘moving the needle’ - to bring about a desired shift in perception, interaction and behaviour. We believe in being real to the very core of our messaging. We, as a PR agency, design brand and corporate communication strategies which include brand launches, corporate reputation management, strategic planning, public relations marketing, disease awareness initiatives, media relations, issue and crisis management and key message development. That’s what makes us one of the top PR agencies in India and the region. Some of our core service areas are:

Media Engagement

In-depth monitoring of media evolution within India and across regions is core to SPAG’s deliverables where key aspects of all forms of media are kept in mind. A team is designed specifically to track various nuances, uniqueness and functionalities of the existing integrated media as well as understanding all aspects of how print and digital media work in comparison to television and radio. As a public relations agency, our expertise in media engagement keeps us consistently in the top 10 PR agencies in India. ​

Influencer Management

SPAG, as compared to other public relation firms, establishes itself as a thought leader across sectors in terms of public policy management and advocacy. In that endeavour we, as an influencer management agency, also focus on harnessing a key influencer network across the sectors to front stories and drive engagement. Key opinion leaders in specific sectors lend credibility and thought leadership to campaigns and effectively supplement media coverage.

Media Relations

SPAG has a robust media network which provides our clients with an unparalleled database across general, specialised, business and trade news. We are constantly expanding our network by harnessing new relationships across the region.