Political Risk Analysis – Measuring Political & Business Scenario and Associated Risks

The consultation paper Political Risk Analysis – Measuring Political & Business Scenario and Associated Risks is an attempt to empower businesses with insights on risks and new opportunities. Political risk analysis has emerged as the most significant tool for the private sector over the past decade, with growing number of firms depending on it to inform their business choices. The assessment of political risk enables your business to make better decisions, negotiate fair contracts and create risk mitigation scenarios. The risk assessments lead to accurate plans that are less likely to result in budget overruns or delays. Government policies, economic growth, FDI rules, tax regimes, infrastructure and approval procedures among others are all part of the political risk analysis that define the goal of business strategy and the favorability of doing business in a country.

Intellectual Property Rights Survey

Intellectual property is the legal underpinning for innovation, making possible investment by innovative industries, job creation, consumer safety, and access to innovative products.

We conducted an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) survey across sectors in a large way. The aim was to find out how many individuals across different sectors, such as, entertainment, information technology, healthcare, education and research etc., are aware of the need for a strong IP policy for India.

Almost all the interviewees believed that IPR is an essential determinant that will go on to chart the course for India’s economic development, job creation, industrial growth, and more. A strong IP culture allows for both economic and attitudinal advantages. Therefore, IPR should not only be seen as a source for the protection of rights and ideas of innovators, but also as a fountain head of motivation for future innovations.



MustWander: India’s Outbound Travel Report

MustWander: India’s Outbound Travel Report is for those who want a detailed view of the sector, insight on the trends and analysis of the key drivers. The report aims to highlight the different aspects of the outbound travel industry as well as direction for various players, ranging from tourism officers of various countries and destinations, and travel and hospitality players to anyone who has interest in the sector.

The report provides latest trends in the sector as well as takes a deep dive into segments that will lead this growth – who are these individuals, which part of India they belong to, how they seek information and what the key factors are based on which they take decisions. The report covers all such aspects that any marketer of the sector would like to know.
The report also provides details on the role of social media with specific focus on travel sector and how to leverage it for maximum impact on different segment of target audience in India.

In the end, we have concluded the report with detailed research and identified the top 15 travel destinations which are divided into three broad categories, keeping in mind all the essential parameters.