VET Model

The VET (Value, Expertise and Trust) Report takes a qualitative look at the new paradigm shift where Value, Expertise, and Trust together are not only fundamentally changing the state of healthcare today but more importantly recognizing the importance of healthcare communications that is steadily moving away from being a support function to becoming more and more central to business growth.
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The Crisis Plan (C-Plan) is a structured approach that works for building internal systems for mitigating risk and developing effective ways to manage crises. This approach is supported by crisis manual development and media training; which in turn is backed by listening and analytics led ORM. The C-Plan is designed effectively to construct an organised and systemic technique to crisis management that establishes long term impact and solutions. ​


Influencer Driven Engagement Approach (IDEA) is SPAG’s proprietary tool which uses three-dimensional modelling based on Credibility, Influence & Interest to find the right set of influencers to drive a campaign. Our tool allows us to develop an influencer set against different professional groups and build advocacy campaigns that are impactful and reach relevant decision makers. ​ ​