Winning streak: SPAG bags Best Organization for Women Empowerment

It’s a celebratory weekend for us at SPAG as for the second time in a row, our firm bagged the exchange4media Women Achievers Award for Best Organisation for Women Empowerment. Judged on the basis of equality, diversity and inclusion policies, organizational culture, employee engagement and support, and COVID management over the last one year, SPAG aced the scorecard emerging worthy of winning this coveted title once again.

And this is not just another award win for us — this one MATTERS.

It is our belief at SPAG that any organization that’s not got a lead on women empowerment is one that will be left behind. There are enough studies done globally to assess the impact a gender diverse and empowered workforce has on business impact and value creation. A recent study by McKinsey on diversity in the workplace, Delivering Through Diversity, showed the direct link between gender diversity and company productivity. The study reaffirmed the fact that a room full of women can not only make a difference to business outcomes but also generate high value.

SPAG launched 7 years ago with this understanding deeply embedded in its value system and ethos.

Women have for long been subject to biases in the professional world. Even within the PR industry, many women are seen in entry level or mid-level roles and the gender ratio suddenly dips as we go higher up in the ranks. At SPAG, we dig deeper into the problem and assess why this happens. Through conversations, flexible work mechanisms and a deep level of understanding and communication we work actively towards ensuring that women rise up the ladder basis their talent, just as men do.

At SPAG, equality, diversity and inclusion are not mere priorities, they define our core values. The PR industry is primarily a talent-driven industry where passion and attitude are seen as talent parameters, not gender and SPAG encapsulates that philosophy. Right from the time of inception SPAG has believed that what lies at the heart of every successful organisation is open-mindedness, empathy, talent and culture; all of which eventually leads to business impact. SPAG focusses on not only that but also on implementing right policies, platforms, ecosystem and emotional support for its employees to build a healthy and balanced work environment. All our policies are designed inclusively with gender sensitivity.

Winning the title of ‘Best Organisation for Women Empowerment’ is a testament to our undying efforts to build a safe, inclusive, diverse and integrated workspace. Our efforts are dedicated towards initiating a change in mindset and culture not just within our own organization but as far and wide as we can.

We believe that the first step to change is conversation and we at SPAG are always starting one. SPAG’s thought leadership platform SPAG Dialogue recently launched its very own Women’s Series called ‘A room full of (wo)men’ through which we have been regularly holding webinars and discussions that focus entirely on all issues pertaining to equality, diversity and inclusion. It is our aim to normalize these conversations in order to bring about real change. One step at a time, through meaningful conversations and real stories, we can build a better world.